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Why Have We Been Laughed at by Foreigners?

We weren't :D Not by foreigners but by - just before I write it: Should the following term be no longer politically correct, please replace it mentally by the currently politically correct one, thank you so much! - Fellow Human Beings With Immigrant Background; Germans, who have been raised in foreign countries.

We worried so much... about how people could misunderstand the texts and pictures. And then: We're being laughed at! Moreover, only by immigrant people - those about we were worried, whose feelings we didn't want to hurt! We say: Thanks! No, we can laugh about it, as well. :D

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Why Prejudices Only From Aboriginals?

The only ones who did raise concerns are Germans WITHOUT immigrant background... strange? Och... those Germans, you know... :D

Most of them did not seem to raise their own concerns - but to worry about what others might hold against us. That was quite a funny way to start! Really strange were two concerns - no names are printed, of course:

1. The heads (TRUNCATED cones!) of the battle mechs / robots on the WAR GAMES Cover might remind one of the Ku-Klux-Klan (POINTY caps!!!!)...

2. The Cross logo (black-pink-red) might be regarded as a Swastika / Hakenkreuz...

Black cross, with pink, then black outline of the inner edges

...SILENCE - Yeah, look, that pink edge could be the hook of that black edge... STOP!!!

Sure, in the light of the inhumane deeds - especially in the Third Reich - Germans would be rather careful about what to think and what to say. But come on - aren't we overdoing it? Are caution and prejudice not already melded in our heads?

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And any kind of hatred of foreigners, deprivation of liberty and freedom, and extremism! As band and as humans, we explicitly respect, honour and hold in high regards the human rights;

Unity, Right, and Freedom - for everyone on the fuckin' world!

We wish that Beethoven's and Schiller's dream - though, it may seem hardly achievable, right now - comes true, ASAP (as soon as possible): "Alle Menschen werden Brüder, wo Dein sanfter Flügel weilt." (All humans will be brethren, where your gentle wing dwells.)

Show us, that this dream comes true, at least where YOUR wing dwells; especially on concerts of Frau Kapitän! :D

Fight with us - against ourselves, against our inner beasts, against exclusion, prejudices, and extremism of any kind in and through ourselves - peacefully, for a better world, for OUR world!

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Schwarzes Kreuz, Eisernes Kreuz, Balkenkreuz = Nazi Symbol?

The Schwarze bzw. Eiserne Kreuz (black / iron cross) is traditionally a Tatzenkreuz (cross pattée); that is a cross with flared edges.

The Black Cross comes from the Deutscher Orden (Teutonic Order), an order of knights of the cross, as source of the Eiserne Kreuz. The Iron Cross ahs been derived from it, later:

"(...) Es geht zurück auf die Stoffkokarde deutscher Kriegsfreiwilliger in den Freiheitskriegen 1813-15. Zwischen 1813 und 1945 wurde das Eiserne Kreuz als militärischer Orden verliehen. Seit dem Ersten Weltkrieg kennzeichnet es als nationales Hoheitszeichen deutsche Streitkräfte. Einige Formen stellen wir Ihnen im Folgenden vor. (...)"
Translation: It goes back to the cloth cockades of German war volunteers in the German wars for freedom 1813-15. Between 1813 and 1945, the Eiserne Kreuz (iron cross) was awarded as military medal. Since the First World War, it marks as national emblem the German military forces.
Source: > Search > "Das Eiserne Kreuz" (Name of the article)
Startseite > Inspekteur > Geschichte > Woher kommen wir? > Das Deutsche Heer in der Bundeswehr > Symbol und Zeremoniell > Das Eiserne Kreuz

You can find interesting articles on wikipedia, as well:

The Balkenkreuz with straight edges and right angles appeared 1916, in the midst of the First World War, in the (2nd) Kaiserreich. Through the war, then the Weimarer Republik, until the end of the Second World War, the Balkenkreuz had been used; as national emblem, in addition to the traditional Tatzenkreuz.

It has been used in many variants. The variant which is used on the WAR GAMES Cover artwork has, as far as we know, never been used. It should be purely fictional. If it had been used, please let us know! We're interested, and eager to learn!

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Balkenkreuze on the WAR GAMES Cover?

The artwork of the WAR GAMES shows fictional battle mechs / robots. On their left arms, there is a Balkenkreuz. A fictional one - its color combination was never used, as far as we know. Nevertheless, it should be obviously related to the original Balkenkreuz. Why? Because... :D In 1916, the Balkenkreuz was introduced, in the midst of the First World War. It marked high tech flight machines, even at least one of those aircrafts, the legendary Red Baron has flown. Also, long ships, the high tech giants at that time, were marked with the Balkenkreuz. Thus, it can be seen not only as a national emblem - but as a sign for high tech, as well.

In our time, anno 2015, combat drones (unmanned military aircraft) are military high tech products. What's up next? Battle mechs / combat robots? Would that be cool - or an ethic scandal? What's your opinion?

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Why No Tatzenkreuz?

Since 1956, only Tatzenkreuze are used; The Balkenkreuz no national emblem of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Why then use it?
To mark the combat robots as German battle mechs - without relating to the current German army; The Bundeswehr simply has no battle mechs. If they would have some - would it be good or bad? The fictional Balkenkreuz leaves this question unanswered. Nowadays, we are discussing about whether to use combat drones or not - yet, one question remains: Would it not be good if no human needed to die? If robots would fight robots? Maybe this could be a step towards moving the battlefield to the chess board: Play, not kill - and somewhere in time, even playing war would become outdated, because we all got level-headed?

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Gray Battle Mechs?

Nowadays, in 2015, we're discussig whether the German Bundeswehr should use combat drones or not - UNdisputable, though, a combat drone is a symbol of high technology.

The German drone is painted gray. On the WAR GAMES cover, the combat robots / battle mechs are painted gray, as well, to bring the drone to mind; Namely in the sense of whether it is ethically OK to have a drone firing on humans - or not. The question could be further: Are we similarly discussing the usage of combat robots, in the future; such like the ones known as battle mechs from comics, manga, anime, and games? Would that be dream or nightmare coming true?

In case you're worried, the color gray could relate to the uniforms of German soldiers in the Third Reich; be assured:


Explicitly, there is no intention to relate by any means to the Third Reich!

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THANKS For Your Support!

You did read that all - or just scrolled down out of curiosity? :D
Anyway, we're glad you took your time having a look at our remarks.

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Thank you! :D

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