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2015-11-19: Finally, Frau Kapitaen's Crew is complete!

Markus Riehm has joined us -
Finally, Frau Kapitaen's Crew is complete!
Can't describe, how good that feels :D

Soon, we'll introduce ourselves properly, at our homepage.
This is the crew:

Philipp the Ground-to-Air-Guitar
Professor Hartmut the Violin
Joachim "Jay" Trommelmaschinist (Drummer)
Markus the Bunker Buster Bass Guitar
Michael Navigator (Shouter, Writer)

1 year and 1 month ago, WAR GAMES was written. Good timing, being complete, now :D

To a good new start - with great comrades and awesome supporters who encourage us to go on -

Into a new year - together, Cheers! \m/

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