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2015-09-05: Striking a First Balance

At August 24th, we had our debut. Time to strike a first balance. We knew, not everyone would like our songs, sure. But that so much more people than expected would listen to our music, watch the video, and even took their time to reading the remarks - Wow! People, I (Michael) did not know, listened to the songs, gave constructive criticism, and encouragement. To a musician's heart, that's an amazing compliment - and fuel to go on!

As soon as we're a complete band, that is. Complete? Yes, we're searching for Jacks on the bass cannon and the anti-aircraft guitar. On our first records, I did play bass and guitar, but we want to improve, getting better - and perform live, as soon as possible! Thus, we need to be a real band in full strength. That's what we owe you for your trust, and our own ambitions.

The great start is encouraging - many thanks to all who are supporting us; in Germany, Ireland, the USA, and in Japan. Thanks to you, the course is set, now it's time to set sails!

Thank you!

We keep you up-to-date. As soon as we're complete, we'll properly introduce all band members, and prepare first demos of the new songs for you.

Stay true and take care!

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