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2015-08-11: EeextraTip! :D

Laura Scharpen has written an article about our new song "Schwing Dein Tanzebein!" It is a song dedicated to all the victims of radioactivity, and has been presented in Fukushima. The article has been published in the German ExtraTip and online at:

The song is published August 24th as digital Single. As bonus, you'll get the Karaoke version to which you can sing along! :D

And that's how it looks - the cover:

Schwing Dein Tanzebein: Titelbild
You may know the photo from the previous article about the premiere in Fukushima, which you can read >> HERE <<.

The music is hand-made - and under much pressure; the invitation to present the song came out of the blue. To not just present the lyrics, we had great support by the new drummer Jay, and our man on the violin Professor Hartmut Hillmer - a great honour!

You can read the lyrics over there:

>> In the Cargo Hold <<

We hope you like the song and the lyrics.

Many thanks for reading, your interest in our music, and your support!

~ Michael

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