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2015-08-09: First Interview!

At Thursday, we had our first interview! "We" are: Professor Hartmut Hillmer (Violin) und me (Michael, Shouter and Navigator ;O) - and Laura Scharpen, who kindly lead the interview. She's really done a good job, we felt comfy, and it's been a nice atmosphere. Many thanks!

In two to three weeks, the article is going to be published.

Where? In the German ExtraTip!

Michael und Professor Hartmut Hillmer, Foto: Laura Scharpen Michael and Professor Hartmut Hillmer - our man on the violine!
Foto: Laura Scharpen, 2015

Jay, our new drummer could not take part, unfortunately, since he's ill. We'll introduce him, ASAP, as soon as possible!
~ Michael

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