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2015-05-08: 70 Years Free!

70th years ago, the Germans have been freed from the Nazi-Regime by the allies. No big talk, but a BIG salute to all who gave their lives and effort! Out of respect, we present a new song in the world tongue, first; in English. The song is called "War Palace", German "Kriegspalast," and shall warn of extremists of every sort. It is written from the perspective of rabble-rousers - to remind all of us, who may be vulnerable to false promises, out of despairity, lost perspective, no job, feeling excluded and thrown away by society. Rather than addressing empathy, it may be worth making clear: In the extreme case, you cannot escape, but turn to shreds.

Furthermore, the song is dedicated to all of us - 'cause aren't we the ones who are breeding extremists? Through Exclusion and Ignorance? By insulting fellow human beings? How often are we judging others? How often are we prejudicing others, ourselves - thinking we're the good ones, the others the bad guys, 'cause they're rich, or filthy, or name-it-yourself whatever it is why we don't like others, but do like excluding them?

The preview is in the Cargo Hold, as usual. There, you also find the complete lyrics and remarks, in German and English. We hope, you like the text - it's really written by heart.

Written more than I wanted to - so, celebrate the day, celebrate yourself, and celebrate your fellows; to all the fallen, to all those for whom they did fall: To all humans - to US!

Ah, forgot to mention: The preview is HERE in the Cargo Hold! :D

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