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2015-05-07: Recording vs. Master: How does it sound?

No big talk - that's how War Games was created:

  1. Lyrics are written.
  2. Melody is played with the bass.
  3. Daniel plays the drums - that's how the raw recording sounds:

    You can download the MP3 HERE.

  4. The raw recording doesn't sound the way I hear it in real, so first, I set the equalizer (EQ):

    You can download the MP3 HERE.

  5. That's better, right? But we're not finished, yet! Now, even before the mix, I start the mastering - aims are:
    • No clipping, may mean different things to anyone, for me it is:
      • In average less that 1 dB FS, in peaks not above 0,5 dB FS;
    • Keeping the natural sound; shall sound like drums, right?!
    • Even weaker kicks shall be strong enough to be heard - not going down in the bass.

    Try comparing the section around 0:16 - 0:19, when the kick and cymbals are played together; do you notice the differences between the three different stages, so far?

    You can download the MP3 HERE.

  6. Aims reached? Then comes the bass! The intro is way too loud, at least in my car, the speakers are flutteringly trying to excape - so, less bass at the beginning. Mids are also turned down a bit:

    You can download the MP3 HERE.

  7. Now, that even the car speakers accept being violated, comes the guitar! A bit turned down in the bass to leaving room for the drums and the bass guitar:

    You can download the MP3 HERE.

  8. Finally, the vocals join in - the "S" sounds a bit reduced, and the deep bass turned down. That's how it should sound:
    • hand made - or "old-school" :D
    • dirty
    • mean
    • Vocals comprehensible, not going down
    • Guitar not too much gain, but "in the face" \m/
    Further aims, in addition to those mentioned at the start, are:
    • STOP - Mastering can be endless!
    • Using remaining frustration as fuel for the next songs.
    Have you heared the preview? It's in the Cargo Hold: HERE as MP3 and HERE as MP4

We hope, you liked the comparison; to hear how the song sounds at each stage. Thanks for listening!

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