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2015-05-01: Happy Labour Day!

Full Artwork for WAR GAMES

We hope, your having a nice Labour Day!

As promised, here's our THANK YOU for your interest in our music and texts; the complete artwork for the coming album WAR GAMES:

Click to view in full size:
The complete painting

The original has been painted on an 80cm x 70cm canvas in acrylics. It has been photographed by S. Bethke von Foto Bethke in Kassel ( The above version has been adapted by us; it is not in full print quality - that would be way too huge! It has been optimized for best view on many devices. It really gives a damn good impression on how the painting looks when standing close to it - like myself when painting it. We hope you like it. Have fun watching and zoOMING into it! :D

Reading the Picture:

In the upper background: a blue sky. On the left, rockets race upwards. Their contrails form the word "WAR." Right next to it, the word "GAMES" is displayed, distored and green in color. Together these words form the title "WAR GAMES." The ground is covered mostly with ruins. At the right hand, a big building can be seen; with a huge roof in the shape of a hemisphere. Right next to it, hills and tall trees are denoted. Cypresses? Oaks? Well, not the kind with broad canopies, rather Quercus robur 'Fastigiata.' :D

Further in the middle ground: On the left there's a street, leading from the back to the front. It is being crossed by railways. Right next to it, there's a goods wagon. Right next to the wagon, there's a ruin with a collapsed and bent down gangway, which formerly connected the building through the air with another building on the right. On the right side, there are houses, a park, then an alley that leads from the big building with the hemispherical roof to the right side of foreground, behind some houses.

In the foreground, at the right hand side: A house ruin with a burnt-out roof and disrupted windows. In front of it, pieces of a fence and barbed wire are lying on the street. In the center of the picture, three combat robots (battle mechs) are standing. On their left arms, they wear a symbol similar to the Balkenkreuz; a thick black cross, the inner edges outlined in black, as well. The right robot is backing up, providing rear cover, though, its head is turned towards the viewer. The middle robot takes a step towards the viewer and points at him (that is "at you" :D) The left robot looks at the viewer. It holds a rifle aimed towards the left, keeping two persons in check. These two persons are kids. The one in front is holding both hands high, holding a teddy bear in the right hand. Behind, a second and smaller child is huddling up to the other kid. The taller kid in the front, wears a blouse in light rose color. The smaller kid wears a blue shirt. The clothes of both childs are dirty and torn. The kids are standing in the remains of a ruin; the roof torn apart, parts of the corrugated iron sheets laying on the right and in the foreground. The remaining pieces of the walls are holding an open steel door. Beams are laying in the ruin, and next to it, among the pieces of the roof, there are sticking smoky beams. In the lower left, on a sheet of corrugated metal sheet, the painter has left his signature: "MS" in capitals "2015."

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