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This is a freelancer's website, created in conformity to the German law. Responsible author and operator is:

Michael Schreiber
Wilhelm-Busch-Strasse 47
D-34134 Kassel


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Physical distribution via oomoxx media e.K.

Dealer and Retailer Inquiries Are Welcome!

Please contact our distribution partner oomoxx media,
CD Production and DVD Production.

Daniel holds a letter that reads in German: For the Commerce! "Für den Handel!" is German, and translates to "For the commerce!" :D

Thank you very much!

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These pages have been written with best intention and quite some effort. Nevertheless, there may... no, there will be some errors. We're just humans, after all. Content may be out-of-date, as well. If you find mistakes or outdated info, please let us know.
The author and operator does not take responsibility for mistakes and outdated information.

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External Links

All links, and the content they are pointing to, have been checked - at least once, when they were created. External content may have changed in the meanwhile. The operator has no influence on that.
If links are pointing to inacceptable content, please let us know.
The author and operator does not take responsibility for external content.

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Your Data

NO PERSONAL DATA should be queried or entered on this site. PLEASE let us know, if you are prompted to enter personal data - 'cause our site then may have been hacked, and we can react!
Please be aware that all comments and guestbook entries you are writing will be published - available and readable for everyone. Please remind yourself before writing such entries - write only what everyone may see, and be kind :D

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