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Frau Kapitän plays Philosophical Kraut-Punkrock-Metal;
Music that's fun to hear - Satirical texts with quite some meaning!

We provoke intentionally! In our own way. Wanna listen? Be our guest! We got some previews >> HERE in the Cargo Hold <<.

News are written in the Captain's Log.
Newest entries:

We wanna show, that satire also works humanely - without exposing or making fun of specific people! That's how we wanna be treated, as well.
Thus, please: If in doubt, read our REMARKS. They should cover main aspects. If still in doubt, please write us - we'd rather read your doubts than being faced with prejudices!

Another request: This webiste should be barrier free - conforming to WCAG 2.0 Stufe AAA. Please let us know, in case you're having problems reading this website. Thanks!

And now, get around, risk a peek, let us know how you like it - or if you have a question.
Don't be shy, we're kind :D

Daniel and Michael
~ Daniel and Michael

Updated: from 21.04.2015 to 20.09.2018

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